Product description

The LED Line is an especially robust linear lighting system that is ideal for illuminating demanding locations. It also optionally supports the use of a mechanical switch. The matte lighting film positioned in front of the board inside the profile provides diffuse emission of light and dust protection. The profileā€˜s laterally positioned collar neatly covers the milled groove. Optionally available with R81 board for homogenous lighting effect.

Technical information


1. Luminaire length
2. With switch approx. 22 mm long
3. 2000 mm wire with LED plug, white
4. Transformer

Profile Colour: titanium
Milling width: 12 mm
Milling depth: 12 mm

A: 12 mm
B: 12 mm
C: 1 mm
D: 14 mm


End cap

Visible width: 7 mm

Colour: silver-grey

Boards/Luminaire length

R111 / max. 1030 mm

R165 / max. 2030 mm

R330 / max. 3014 mm

R660 / max. 3014 mm


Also available with Duo board


Rocker switch for manual switching

Reflex toggle switch

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